MT Restro Software

MT Restro Billing Software is a Restaurant billing software. it is web-based software which can run Online and offline. this software is fully customized.
here are some features of this software:

  1. Users can add no. of tables as much as they want and also give names to tables.
  2. Users can add, update and delete items and no of items is unlimited.
  3. Users can add, update their Business details.
  4. Users can Generate Multiple types of reports like Complete Report of billing, Day-wise reports, last Month reports, Inventory reports, Customize Reports like today's, Yesterday's, last 7 day's report etc. in multiple formats like PDF, Excel, CSV etc.
  5. Users can Print all of these reports.
  6. Users can send each and every invoice directly to their customer mobile number. also get all customer details stored in a list.
  7. All data can be reset to zero.
  8. Invoice generate and SMS both function can be performed at a single click.
  9. Old invoice Search is also available.
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