Raj Alpahar Sardarpura

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Raj Alpahar Restro Billing Software is web-based software which can run Online and offline. this software is fully customized.

Here are some features of this software:

  • Users can add no. of tables as much as they want and also give names to tables.
  • Users can add, update and delete items and no of items is unlimited.
  • Users can add, update their Business details.
  • Users can Generate Multiple types of reports like Complete Report of billing, Day-wise reports, last Month reports, Inventory reports, Customize Reports like today's, Yesterday's, last 7 day's report etc. in multiple formats like PDF, Excel, CSV etc.
  • Users can Print all of these reports.
  • Users can send each and every invoice directly to their customer mobile number. also get all customer details stored in a list.
  • All data can be reset to zero.
  • Invoice generate and SMS both function can be performed at a single click.
  • Old invoice Search is also available.